The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

Dr. Robert Anthony is a best-selling author that has spent his life researching the laws of attraction and forming theories about the secrets of deliberate creation. This expert is a leading authority in the realm of self realization and offers to provide anyone with the secrets that will help them live a fulfilling life. Many people are plagued by self-doubt and find it difficult to proceed with life’s challenges. This is where Dr. Anthony’s program steps in and offers help. He offers anyone a chance to realize their dreams. The laws of attraction are based on science and have been proven to be effective.

The first thing that anyone will learn when they visit the pages of deliberate creation is that there is an easy way for them to be successful in their life. A coordinated effort makes it possible for anyone to achieve their goals. The major problem is that most people are operating on what Dr. Anthony terms the default level. People take what happens to them during their life. The trick that anyone can learn from Dr. Anthony is how to coordinate their subconscious desires and conscious will power. This will enable a person to set their goals and triggers the laws of attraction to work.

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Dr. Anthony has been writing books on this field for 25 years. His first book was published in 1980. He has since gone on to be one of the most widely read self-improvement authors. Dr. Anthony is also aware of the current situation that is what he terms metaphysical malpractice. There are a number of inauthentic authors out there who are capitalizing on the groundwork that has been laid by Dr. Anthony. These authors are taking advantage of people and do not have the ability to deliver the goods.

Anyone can learn how to align their thoughts with their goals to be more successful. This is the basic theme that Dr. Anthony provides to his clients. There are two distinct elements that are required for a person to achieve their dreams. The first thing is that a person must clearly manifest their thoughts. The laws of attraction will then bring these goals to a person. This is much the same as a physical magnet works. Mental magnetism is one of the key elements that people will learn when they begin to understand the secret of deliberate creation.

The second component of the secret has to do with the alignment of the conscious will and the subconscious mind. It can be virtually impossible to align these two spheres. However, in order for goals to be met, this is precisely what needs to be done. When these elements are not working together, it is impossible for people to get what they want. The two spheres are in conflict, and each one is pushing its own agenda. This creates interpersonal conflict and results in a messy disaster.

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Dr. Anthony calls on his clients to take personal responsibility. This can be a difficult challenge for anyone, but it is essential for people to be honest with themselves to foster the environment that is crucial for success. Many people are not working by design. They are operating on default mode and take what comes their way. Instead of setting goals and then focusing on their achievement, people give up and take what is given to them. Examining these destructive habits will lead to the insight that default mode is largely a waste.

It is not enough for people to think big thoughts. The laws of attraction are not some mysterious genie that is found in a box on the side of the road. Focus and hard work are essential elements to a successful life. Dr. Anthony teaches his clients how they can focus on their goals and align both their conscious goals and unconscious desires. This enables goals to be met, and people are then the conscious creator that design their own life. Guidance naturally flows out of hard work, and the laws of attraction will then begin to operate. People are met by chance, and these networks are the foundation upon which dreams are built.

The best thing about what Dr. Anthony offers the world is how to turn these abstract concepts into something that everyone needs. Making money. This is a goal that is a necessity, and Dr. Anthony promises to teach anyone how to align their lives to make the money they have always dreamed about. The concepts that are learned can be applied to a variety of specific circumstances. The laws are universal and are equally valid in the world of small business management or Internet marketing. Dr. Anthony teaches everyone how to play the game of life to win.

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Dr. Anthony is so sure that he can help anyone succeed that he offers a full guarantee. Also included are several of the best sellers that have been written by the self-improvement guru. Seven of his books are included, and clients can read these at their leisure to learn more about their future success. There is a software program that enables anyone to enjoy lessons on their home computer.

Choosing to learn more about the secrets of deliberate creation is a smart way for anyone to achieve success in their lives. Most people are aware of their inner desires, but there always seems to be something that is holding people back from achieving their dreams. Listening to Dr. Anthony will provide the insight and motivation that is required for people to align their subconscious and conscious minds in order to trigger the law of attraction.

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The Power Of Intent

The laws of attraction, the power of intentions and even the belief in visualization are all methods that have been proven to be both real and beneficial; when the power of such occurrences are understood. In fact, the power of intent can be a strong belief and one that can allow you to open up your mind to more positive outcomes in life. The power of intent is one that transcends time and is found in personal and professional instances.

For some, the power of intent or sometimes referred to as the power of persuasion; as it is the system of knowing what the expected, anticipated and most desirable outcome of an event will and should be. This is when you understand how your mind works, and thus better understand how your thinking and actions can influence how a situation will turn out. Since this is an important concept to grasp, you also need to under stand that it happens in both directions, and at times you are being controlled to an extent by the power of intent by others.

Personal Life
In ones own personal life, the power of intent can give you guidance and also that gut feeling you have as you enter in a relationship, situation or even as you enter a room. This is feeling you have when you have a predisposed idea or notion of how you look, feel and how you will fare during the encounter or event. For example, if you go to a party with the idea of having a bad time, the power of intent will dictate that you come across as aloof and thus find ways to have a bad time. Conversely, if you go to a party determined to mix, mingle and have fun; your attitude and demeanor changes from the beginning and you are setting the stage to fulfill that intent to have a good time.

Professional Life
You professional life mimics your personal life in ways such as you having the metal power to guide your career path. This is where intent becomes a powerful force. if you have a job and have deemed it as being one with no future and you dread going to work; your intent is to just do the base minimum and thus you will only ever realize what you intended and potentially talk yourself out of something better.

If, however, you view your current job as being a positive stepping stone and a way to learn and thus advance your career, your intent is to eventually grow and advance in your current and all subsequent positions. Again, it is the power of intent that can be a driving force in your life.

It is your choice whether to use the power of intent for positive outcomes. Once you understand that your personal beliefs, mindset and passion help to pave the way your life is going; you will then begin to understand how you can use the power of intent and your own intentions to create the life and lifestyle you want and have always envisioned.


Powerful Intention – Say It And It Happens

The term, powerful intention, is new to me. After studying what powerful intent means I realize the ability to make things happen, both big and small, good and bad, comes naturally to me.

Another way of defining the ability to set a powerful intent is to say a person has the ability to “say it and it happens.” Each of us has the ability to do this. If one does not understand the power of this ability, they may cause chaos in their own life. When you realize this is a truth in your life, there is much less stress. You realize if things, beyond your control, do not go the way you want you can reinvent yourself.

In order to have proficiency at this “say it and it happens” skill there are some things you need to do. This article will attempt to explain a few how to reasons this works for me.

Always take advantage of opportunities to experience the beauty of nature when ever possible. Especially early in the morning or late in the evening, this is crucial. Make sure you experience as many sunrises and sunsets as possible. Have you noticed how people are drawn to watch sunsets? This is because our spiritual self draws power from the beauty of nature at that time of day. The more often you allow your spirit to gain power from these moments the easier it will be for you to set a powerful intention, easier to “say it and it happens.”

Learn to be positive as much as possible. The more positive you are the better your results will be from setting powerful intentions. This is the one time in your life it may be good to be obsessive about something. If you unintentionally have a negative thought, especially about an otherwise good situation, you must immediately cancel that negativity. You can do that by thinking forcefully the exact opposite of your negative thought. Say a student has studied hard for an exam. If at some moment they worry about failing the exam, it is imperative they immediately think or even say aloud the opposite. “No, I will not fail this exam.” Be obsessive about this. Replace negative words with neutral or positive words. Use “and” instead of “but”. Be very careful with words like “always” and “never.” They are powerful in both negative and positive ways.

Learn to recognize coincidences in your life. When you are in the process of setting powerful intentions in your life there will be opportunities to further that process. The most proficient you become at recognizing positive coincidences the more often they will occur to help you or even guide you developing a powerful intention to completion.

I know this is difficult to grasp in such a short article but learn to recognize positive coincidences. If you are introduced to someone of course, you are polite and happy to make his or her acquaintance. If independently, you “run into” or come across that person a short while later, in a different setting or location, that is very important. That is an example of a positive coincidence you need to explore. If you just nod and say hello, not stopping to chat for a polite moment, you may have just missed the boat, missed a major opportunity to move your developing powerful intention up a notch.

If you do not recognize the positive coincidence and another one happens, it is a certain sign this is an important moment in your life. Never let double positive coincidences expire without exploration. Develop these simple abilities and gain more power to control your life than you ever thought possible.


What Is The Law of Attraction And How Can It Influence Your Life?

The law of attraction is a concept that has been around for over a century and can best be summed up by stating “like attracts like.” This concept is usually applied to attitudes, thought patterns and the overall demeanor of a person suggesting that if a person thinks positively and has a positive attitude then they will attract positive people and events around themselves. The flip side is also apart of the principal, a person who thinks negatively will attract negative people and events.

While this concept has little scientific evidence to back it up it functions as more of a motivational technique and has become very popular among successful entrepreneurs, athletes and others who strive for high levels of success in their life. It has also become popular among those who wish to alter their thought process and perceptions to benefit themselves in daily life.

The History of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction was first conceptualized back in 1904 by Thomas Troward. He was a divisional judge in British administrated India at the time and enjoyed studying religion and psychological concepts. According to Troward the mind plants the seeds for external events. In other words, thought precedes physical events and physical form and attracts to itself the factors needed to make those thoughts a reality.

The idea caught on and others began to embrace this method of thinking. William Walker Atkinson, Bruce MacLelland and others wrote material on the subject. Wallace D. Wattles wrote a book titled “The Science of Getting Rich” which explored the relationship between the Law of Attraction and entrepreneurship for which it is most well known today.

Using the Law of Attraction to attain personal wealth was most famously explored in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill in 1937. As one of the best selling books of all time this lead to the Law of Attraction being most commonly associated with entrepreneurship, business and creating wealth ever since. Though never directly referenced in the book the Law of Attraction is discussed in more metaphorical terms with lines like “Dreams are the seedlings of reality.” and “you may benefit, by passing on to your subconscious mind, any desire which you wish translated into its physical, or monetary equivalent.” As such Think and Grow Rich still remains incredibly popular among ambitious individuals even today.

Incorporating the Law of Attraction into Your Life

The Law of Attraction doesn’t necessarily have to be applied only to business ventures and attaining wealth, it can also make a huge impact in the lives of ordinary people as well. As a motivational and focusing technique the Law of Attraction can be applied to weight loss goals, your love life, getting a raise at work and much more. The key here is a combination of thinking positive, staying motivated and staying focused.

Since the Law of Attraction operates on a purely psychological level it is important that you have the self discipline to use it properly and don’t expect any miracles. Instead of viewing this as a “magic bullet” that will grant all your wishes and desires instead see it as a technique that will greatly enhance your chances of achieving your goals and dreams.

Implementing the Principals of the Law of Attraction

There is much more to implementing the Law of Attraction in your life than just thinking happy thoughts, though maintaining a positive attitude is a key component. Here are a few practical ways you can make this work for you.

Written Affirmation

Simply write down your goals and place the piece of paper in a prominent location. This will reinforce these concepts in your mind through both physical action and visual confirmation.

Neuro Linguistic Programing

Read your goals aloud first thing when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed each night. Don’t read it like a robot, put your heart and soul into it and visualize yourself as having already accomplished your goal.

Take Immediate Action and Document Your Progress

Motivation is self sustaining. In other words if you lose momentum it can fade away. Take action and keep moving forward. Do one task every single day that contributes to your goal and document it. Your documentation will provide a record of your progress which will boost your motivation.


In the end the Law of Attraction isn’t a magic bullet that will make the impossible possible. However it is a powerful motivational and psychological force that can help you to function at peak performance and attract to you the necessary components to achieve goals you’ve never dreamed were possible. As a technique practiced by some of the world’s most wealthy entrepreneurs the results of the Law of Attraction pretty much speak for themselves.


The Power Of Intention

In his series of books about the Yaqui Indian shaman Don Juan, Carlos Castenada describes intention as “the somersault of thought into the miraculous.” The power of intention begins by behaving in a way that is deliberate, precise and meaningful. It culminates in the ability to realize our dreams and deal effectively with the obstacles in our lives.

People have all sorts of dreams and ambitions, which they can realize by harnessing intention. Some people want to earn more money by working fewer hours; others want to abandon their careers entirely and start anew on a fresh professional path. Some people want closer relationships with their loved ones while others want to find someone to love.

The world, though, is a distracting place. Between the family and employment obligations and the accelerated pace of our daily lives, it is all too easy to lose sight of the dreams which are the motivating force behind intention. How can we live productive lives and still focus on the purpose and plans that will transform our lives? We can do these things by understanding the power of intention and by using intention effectively as an organizing principal in our own lives.

Here are some tips on channeling the power of intention in your life.

• Affirmations: Before you begin any interaction or enter into any situation, tell yourself that you intend to make these next few moments of your life meaningful. If you walk into a meeting at work, you intend to contribute in a productive, helpful fashion. If you are going to church, you intend to listen to the sermon without letting your mind wander. If you are hanging out with your spouse or your children, you intend to be attentive and fully there for them.

• Make a Plan: Take ten minutes and write down a list of the things you really want right now. It doesn’t have to be a comprehensive list of the things you want out of life. It only has to list the things you want right now.

• Share Your List: Share what you’ve written down with someone you trust and who is interested in you and your goals. The person you choose must be someone who will hold you accountable in a loving, supportive way for actualizing your goals.

• Act Consistently: Every day, do at least one thing that demonstrates your commitment to actualizing your goals. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, although it can be. More goals are accomplished through slow, steady progress than they are by the erratic, occasional large gesture.

Here’s how you can put the power of intention into action. Suppose you have decided to get serious about your health by exercising every day. Many people choose this as a New Year’s Resolution, racing off to the nearest mall on January 2 to join a pricey gym and buy expensive workout clothes. For the first week after they join, these individuals will be hitting the gym every day. Then their attendance starts to level off. How many of these people will still be working out regularly on March 1? Not many, say statistics.

A better way to begin an exercise regimen is to review your goal, using the power of intention. Begin with small steps. The local YMCA may not be as fancy as the gym at the mall but it will serve your purposes just as well and put you far less out of pocket. Make an exercise schedule. Two days a week is fine for a beginner. Write down your goal of exercising two days a week, and share that goal with a supportive confidante. Every morning when you first wake up, hold that goal in your mind, focusing with the power of intention. In no time at all, you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


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